Frequently asked questions

GelMoment is pleased to clarify the differences between traditional gel manicures and the GelMoment experience.


All light gives off a certain amount of UV light, including the sun and every other body of light.  It is important to limit that exposure. With this in mind it is important to know that traditional UV lights are considered to be absolutely safe.   A 2013 independent study found “UV nail lamps exceeded safety expectations. These lamps were found to be significantly less hazardous than expected based on the initial concerns raised by others. The researchers found that UV exposure is so low that a person could put her hands under a nail lamp for 25 minutes a day without exceeding the internationally accepted safe limits for daily workplace UV exposure. The data showed that UV nail lamps were safer than both natural sunlight and sunlamps.

Regardless, a traditional gel manicure, goes through a three step process, which necessitates going through the traditional UV lamp three times, this can be up to ten minutes per nail. The beauty of the GelMoment experience is that there is only one coat for 60 seconds, so that this absolutely limits any exposure to any UV rays.

LED lamps also emit a certain amount of UV light. The greatest advantage they have over the traditional UV light is that the amount of time exposed to the light is cut down to a third. In addition the LED light has over 50 000 hours of use; enough for a lifetime.


GelMoment’s LED lamps are guaranteed for life; therefore no replacement bulbs are required.

GelMoment's 60 second LED lamp is 6 Watts and  5 Volts.  The Professional 4 finger 45 second lamp is 8 Watts and 12 Volts.

GelMoment remover pads are specially formulated to work with our Gel polish. Results may vary if using a different brand of remover.

Yes, other brands can be used.  However, polish may not last up to 14 days and dry times may vary.

GelMoment Gel Polish is safe to use on children with adult supervision.

GelMoment Gel polish has a shelf life of 12 months for opened bottles and 36 months for unopened bottles.


GelMoment Cuticle Serum and Nail Oil have a shelf life of 24 months for opened bottles and 36 months for unopened bottles.