Frequently asked questions

The cost of the enrollment package is $109.00 USD . Each month the contents of the package may vary. You can view the enrolment package at

 Each enrollment package includes the following:

  • Sell to friends on-demand
  • Recruit others to GelMoment™  and get on-going commissions and bonuses from their sales
  • Includes one year’s website maintenance fee of $49
  • Includes EWallet Payment Solution 1 year subscription of $24


To become a GelMoment Distributor, the applicant must be at least 16 years of age.  If under age 18, the minor must have a parent or guardian as a co-applicant. Once the minor reaches majority age of 18, the account can be switched solely to their name.

Yes, you are required to pay a $49 annual website maintenance fee and a $24 annual EWallet account maintenance fee.  Both fees are included for the first year with your enrollment package. You will receive a notice through your back-office when these fees are due.

Your sponsor is your first line of support and your go-to person for all your questions and guidance.  GelMoment has a full training manual accessible through your back-office that will help you through every aspect of your business.  There is an especially dedicated support email through head office, where you will receive any additional help you may require.

Credits or otherwise known as Gel Cash  can be used to purchase GelMoment products, excluding promotional items, convention tickets and Marketing materials. One can earn Gel Cash through various programs that  we have.

Yes, the package you receive when you join is your starter kit. Each month, the products that are included may vary. You can view the present month's starter kit @

If you know a distributor and would like that person to be your sponsor, go to their GelMoment Distributor website and join their team.

If you don’t have a Distributor you would like as a sponsor, join through our main website at and you will be promted to look for and choose a sponsor. If you still need some help , please contact us at