Car Incentive Bonus

The GelMoment 10-10-10 Car Incentive Bonus
is designed to give you the freedom to choose
the car, truck, sport utility vehicle, boat or even
motorcycle that you have always wanted!


There are 3 monthly requirements to qualify for the Car Incentive Bonus:
10 Branches of

$ 10,000

in up to 10 levels



10 Divas in your

10 Levels

of downline



Team Wholesale Sales of

$ 1,000,000

in your 10 levels of downline*

*The maximum amount eligible for 1 Branch is $500,000


The GelMoment Glam Kit

(a customized car decal, a bumper sticker, a license plate frame and a keychain)

Down Payment Cash Bonus $ 3,500

(One Time Bonus)

Monthly Allowance $ 1,000

(Conditions apply)


Enjoy the taste of victory, when you qualify for the GelMoment Car Incentive Bonus. GelMoment likes to recognize successful business owners, so while you drive your career to build a powerful team, we want to make you the driver of the car you've always dreamed of. Whether you had your heart set on a convertible sports car, a luxury sport utility truck or a Harley Davidson motorcycle, the choice is yours.

When you meet the Car Incentive Bonus requirements, we will give you a one-time cash bonus of $3,500 to use towards the car, truck, boat or bike of your dreams. After that, for every month that you meet the requirements, we will give you a $1,000 allowance to put towards you car payment or anything else you want to use the money for.

So, what will you drive? Find a sponsor!


It is the sole decision and responsibility of the qualifying GelMoment Distributor to acquire a new or used vehicle of their choice in consultation with a dealership, lender and/or leasing company. GelMoment is released of all obligations pertaining to any lease or purchase made by the Distributor. GelMoment is not a guarantor, co-signer or a party to any contract, and will not make any payments on the Distributor’s behalf. All Car Incentive Bonuses will be paid directly to the qualifying Distributor by GelMoment, and it is the Distributor’s responsibility to pay the dealership, lender and/or leasing company.

Should the Distributor choose not to use the funds received to purchase or lease a vehicle, they are not obliged to, the money is theirs to use in whichever way they choose to. Should a Distributor not meet the requirements on any given month for the Monthly Allowance Bonus, the Distributor is still responsible for making the car payment and fulfilling their contractual obligations. The Distributor is also responsible for all expenses incurred by the purchase or lease of any vehicle, including but not limited to; insurance, repairs, maintenance, tires and fuel. GelMoment is not responsible for any fees or payments related to the Car Incentive Bonus, other than paying the Bonuses to the qualified Distributor for the month they qualify.

The value of the Car Incentive Bonus may be considered as a taxable income. All taxes are the sole responsibility of the Distributor who qualifies and receives the incentive.

All liability related to the purchase and/or operation of a qualifying Distributor’s vehicle is the sole responsibility of the qualifying Distributor. The qualifying Distributor agrees to indemnify GelMoment, its subsidiaries, affiliates and related entities, officers, directors, agents and employees against any and all liability and/or legal actions asserted against GelMoment arising from or relating to the qualifying GelMoment Distributor’s ownership, lease and/or operation of his or her vehicle.

GelMoment reserves the right to discontinue or modify any or all aspects of the Car Incentive Bonus program at its discretion, at any time, without prior notice. GelMoment reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify Distributors involved in fraudulent or unethical business practices. All Bonuses are conditional to a Distributor’s account being in good standing. GelMoment reserves the right to offset any outstanding balance due against any amounts payable by GelMoment to the Distributor.